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Q. Are pre-made cakes and desserts available for pickup at the studio?


A. Not at this time. Currently, all OvenArt cakes are custom-made to order and there is not a walk-in retail space at the studio for pre-made items, but I hope to offer this service soon!


Q. How far in advance do I need to order my cake?


A. Clients are encouraged to schedule a consultation and tasting as soon as an event date has been set. Usually six months out is ideal to save your date for a wedding cake, but please inquire at any time and I will tell you OvenArt’s availability and schedule your consultation. A 50% deposit is required to secure your date. For other specialty cakes, two to four weeks in advance is all that is needed.


Q. What do I need to bring to our cake consultation?


A. During our meeting we will collaborate on a custom cake design that best portrays the image you have in mind. Please bring anything that you would like incorporated into your design and/or is the inspiration behind your event. I love to see photos of cakes, your venue, flowers, colors or even your dress!


If you do not know exactly what you want your cake to look like, that is totally okay too… I have multiple displays in the studio and on the online gallery to help you visualize your dream cake.


Q. I saw a photo of a cake that I love. Can you recreate it?


A. If you saw an image of a cake that you fell in love with, please bring a printout with you to your consultation. OvenArt can recreate the overall look and feel of the design, however size and other factors may need to be customized depending on the number of servings you require. The displays at the studio also offer design ideas and show examples of different artistic techniques, such as lace, butterflies, ruffles, etc., that I can use to further customize your dream cake.


Q. Can you match my wedding colors with my cake?


A. Absolutely! I use Pantone color matching, a standardized color reproduction system, that precisely matches any colors you choose for your cake design.


Q. Do you offer cake tastings?


A. Yes. I ask that you schedule your tasting a minimum of six weeks prior to your event date. For wedding consultations, I offer a complimentary tasting to sample a selection of my many delectable cake flavors and fillings. Note: Tastings are held for estimated budgets of $500 minimum.


Q. Are cakes stands available for rental?


A. I offer a variety of cake stands to choose from that will display your unique OvenArt cake with an elegant flair. I provide stands to our clients complimentary with a small deposit (the deposit is determined based on the size of the cake stand and refunded upon return).


Q. How much do your cakes cost?


A. Many factors are involved in determining the cost of an OvenArt cake as every cake is customized to order and priced individually. Cake pricing incorporates many different variables and specifics, such as the number of servings, the complexity of design elements and the number of tiers. The minimum wedding cake order is $500, and specialty and event cakes start at $150.


Q. I know you have worked with many celebrities... Why don’t I see this mentioned on your website?


A. Simply put, name dropping is a no-no. While I may highlight a project of my own from a social event that features celebrities, I will never display photos or comment on a private event for a client with celebrity status. I understand and uphold the importance of privacy. Discretion and confidentiality is assured!


"The cake was so beautiful. Everyone loved the almond cake. It was the party favorite!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift."


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