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Individual & Group Instruction - Sugar Flower Classes


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OvenArt’s Executive Chef Lisa Cunningham offers Individual and Group Instruction classes for students aspiring to learn the art of creating realistic sugar flowers.

Flower creation is a signature design component of Lisa’s, and she takes pride in the natural, lifelike sugar flowers that have helped OvenArt Designer Cake Studio achieve its many awards and accolades.


Lisa teaches her students how to work with sugar and then bring it to life in the form of delicate roses, peonies, succulents, sunflowers and orchids. She enjoys sharing her mastery of confectionery decoration, and participants can expect to work hands-on with Lisa and learn the skills and techniques behind her sophisticated flower creations.


Instruction techniques are first demonstrated step-by-step by Lisa, and then each student will individually create their own flowers under her supervision. Students will learn the principal elements involved in making realistic sugar flowers, how to paint and shade the flowers using the right applications and methods, and how to properly finish them with petal dust.


All levels of experience are welcome to take part in sugar flower instruction. Aspiring participants range from people with a love for baking to industry professionals with a desire to learn new techniques and hone their decorating skills.


Individual and Group instruction classes typically span two days, from 10am to 4pm at the OvenArt Studio. Lisa is passionate about bringing her love for flowers to as many students as possible, and is available to travel to your location to teach sugar flower classes. Specific costs regarding accommodations, travel, meals and classes need to be individually accessed. Long-term private instruction is also offered for students looking for more extensive training in cake design and decoration.


Private instruction $65/hr. Minimum 6/hrs

Group Instruction $150/person/day

Minimum 8 people. Maximum 12 people.


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"Although I have a diploma of Confectionery Arts from the famed Bonnie Gordon College, I called Lisa as soon as I saw her artistically incredible flowers. I was thrilled to learn that she offered private instruction. I spent two months with Lisa honing my skills, learning flower techniques and discovering my vision as a designer. Among a host of other things, she showed me how to re-purpose the tools I already had to create unique things. We studied flowers to see the stages of growth to get them to their most realistic form. Lisa's patience, knowledge and teaching ability has given me the confidence to continue my pursuit to open my own cake and pastry studio."


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