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Lisa S. Cunningham

Owner / Executive Pastry Chef

Lisa Cunningham founded OvenArt Designer Cake studio with a vision to design world-class custom confections that taste as incredible as they look. During her training at the Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts, Lisa chose to focus on the pastry side of the culinary industry. Upon graduation, Lisa went on to hone her skills as Pastry Chef of the Sacajawea Hotel in Bozeman, MT. During her stay in Montana, she applied and was accepted to attend the prestigious Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design in Toronto. It was there that Lisa was then discovered and privileged to work for world-renowned cake designer Maggie Austin. Training under such elite cake designers inspired Lisa to open her own studio, OvenArt Designer Cake, in downtown Maryville, TN.

During OvenArt’s first year in business, Lisa was honored with an invitation to join the Grace Ormonde wedding style family as a Platinum Member. She has appeared on the Chef Walter show and was the recipient of the first place award at the Knox County Great Cake Bake.

Lisa’s focus on world-class dessert design keeps her busy researching ingredients from around the globe. She has traveled extensively around North America and other parts of the world, always searching out unique ideas from various cultures that influence, inspire and stimulate her design.

Known for her artistic abilities, Lisa’s approach is to first start with simple lines which allow the details to stand out. Flowers are one of her favorite design components, and at least one sugar flower can be found throughout all of her projects. To Lisa, the design of a flower knows no boundaries, as they are the ultimate natural element of organic art. Found in millions of colors, shapes and textures, flowers are delicate, pure and each one has it’s own unique characteristics.

Similarly, Lisa fashions her cake designs to be a reflection of each client’s distinct personality and celebration. With an eye for current trends and unique designs, such as stained glass, marble and intricate gold leaf cakes, her cakes wow with both flavor and style. Lisa’s philosophy is that with meticulous detail, the highest quality ingredients and a passion for her art, OvenArt cakes will make any wedding or event a memorable occasion.

Lisa is incredibly excited to bring a small business with a strong sense of community to downtown Maryville, TN.

Lisa: Thank you for the beautiful and lucky "Big Orange Carrot Cake." We served it during a live remote of the Erik Ainge Radio Show that was held at my law office. The cake was so beautiful that we were almost afraid to cut it! I'm glad that we did because it was delicious as well. We look forward to the one we have ordered for next week. Thanks again.

Attorney at Law - Hartsoe Law Firm, P.C.

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